what to do with only one Lighthouse Base

While troubleshooting my HTC Vive Lighthouse Base I ran into a lot of issues proving it was a hardware failure. After working with support over support chat multiple times (no email response or phone support) the RMA process is slow (7-10 days) without cross-shipping since they are attempting to repair before replacing the defective Base. This ultimately meant No VR or development for me. I found the following two interim solutions.

  1. This guys video is great and demonstrates testing with a single lighthouse
  2. for seated gaming or limited development.

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2. Throwing money at the problem.


for a mere $134.99 you can buy another Lighthouse Base with 2 day shipping and get everything back online quickly. Expensive for some but if you’re losing dev hours this is a solid plan to get back into production. If a lighthouse ever fails in the future i’ll have a spare on hand or i can leave a unit in the living room for seated operation using a single base station.



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