Checking in on Disk Performance

When working in Ableton i had some disk access issues and crashed so i started to question the performance of my various hard disks. A couple years ago i switched to a sas raid controller and used a solid state mirror for my OS and two large spinning disks mirrored for storage.  I also have  a 3 tb usb drive for long term storage and the legacy Sata drives from my previous migration still hanging around so it was a great opportunity to compare the various configurations and their performance.

I referenced several articles detailing tools for disk testing and concluded on CrystalDiskMark for simplicity and its very clear metrics. Definitely noticed a performance curve though online results for SSD drives indicate i might be able to get better performance.

1TB Sata Disk

3TB USB 2.0 Disk

2TB Sas MIrror (scsi over sata)

200Gb Sas Mirror (scsi over sata)


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