Epic list of Gamedev podcasts

I recently stumbled on a post of gamedev podcasts on GameDevUnderground by Discord user Ivory Lion Games , stating “Game dev podcasts I listen to because I listen to a LOT of podcasts across different topics. Note some of them are no longer running, but I keep in the collection because of how valuable the information in them are.”

The Game Design Dojo (with Brian & Ike)
Clockwork Game Design
Game Design Zen (with Curtiss Murphy)
Sirlin on Game Design
Design a Game Podcast
The Game Design Podcast
Indie Game Car Thoughts (short lived but VERY good info)
DGC (Dev Game Club) (2 dev vets play old games and discuss them, longform)
Idle Thumbs
The G Club
The Game Design Round Table
Game Dev Loadout
We Are Error
Game Dev Unchained
Game Dev Deconstructed
Three Moves Ahead
Knoxville Game Design
W3: The Who, What, Why?
Game Dev Advice
Justforward.co Game Dev Podcast
GameDev Breakdown
Game Dev Tea Break
Think Like A Game Designer
Finding the Fun
Designer Notes (part of the Idle Thumbs network)
Legal Moves (touches on the legal side of stuff in game dev)
Level Design Lobby
Level Design Podcast

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